Monday, December 07, 2009

Homemade Fancy, pt 3

f a b r i c p i n w h e e l s

This project is my very most favorite of all. I keep walking downstairs to stare and smile at these fabric pinwheels. Easy and fun to make, they add a sense of cheer and whimsical to the room!

I found this project on fabulous Portobellopixie under the "free projects" sidebar. Here is the tutorial.

This what the finished project looks like:

Sandi Henderson's directions were super easy to follow. I didn't have the spray adhesive suggested in the directions so I used some fabric glue that I had. Also I used regular scissors.

I was really loving this color combination! And the snowflake button is so fun! A while back I bought a bag of mixed buttons at Michaels. Some of the buttons are pretty funny, but I use them a lot in crafts!

The pinwheels are hung from the ceiling in different clusters. I used bakers twine and thumbtacks to do the job! To attach the bakers twine onto the pinwheels I used scraps of fabric and glued the twine underneath them with a gluegun.

I made a bunch of random sizes of pinwheels- the largest being 12x12 and smallest 5x5. I think the small ones are pretty cute!

This project was pretty inexpensive! I had some scraps of fabric already that I used and I also used purchased one yard of fabric for this project. Total, for the amount of pinwheels I made, I used no more than 1 1/2 yards of fabric. The total cost for this project: 2 posterboards $1 + $6 fabric = $7 total! (I had the twine and and buttons already but you can find them at really inexpensive prices-just use a coupon!)

Yay! I think I might even want to leave these up after the holidays are over!


candace said...

If only I had such cute fabric laying around!! I LOVE them Jenny!

Cristie said...

They are darling! I heard how cute they were, I'm so glad I got to see a picture. Again, you are so creative.

Genavee said...

Oh how cute! They add such a great whimsical feel to the wall.

Nell said...

good job jenny! you are so crafty.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wow. I love you in your new house. You are a crafting whiz little lady.