Friday, December 04, 2009

Homemade Fancy, pt 2

presents: dollar store inspiration
These two little projects are semi-homemade and add a fun little spark to the room.

First: I wanted to add a touch of something to my living room centerpiece. I have a large, wonderful quilt hanging that my grandma made for me. So I decided what it needed was some garlands. These worked very well with this set up, but they could look fun and festive in many different places.

Here is what it looked like when I was finished:

For this project I simply purchased two white ball garlands from Joann's. They were on sale two for $5.99. Next, I went to the dollar store and found some lovely jingle bells: nine for $1.

The bells came with golden twine to tie them with. So I tied them on the garland.

Simple and festive. Total cost per garland $4. Not too shabby.

Next, well this project isn't really homemade at all but it's too fun. I was looking for a table centerpiece and I remembered that at Belle's house they had a large glass bowl in the center of their table and for every holiday Belle's mom would fill it with something fun. Fruits in the summer, tons of conversation hearts at Valentines day. Belle loved it.

I have a nice, large glass salad bowl that is used on rare, fancy occasions. So I filled it with ornaments from the dollar store.

I love all the different textures! Total cost: $4. Perhaps I will start a tradition of filling this bowl with different things too.


christa elyce said...

i love your ornaments in a bowl! if i didn't have a 1 year old that would be mint!

Anonymous said...

how crafty! you are very nifty.