Thursday, August 27, 2009

There, There. It Will Be Ok.

I have been having one of those days. no...weeks. no...years. The kind that is very confusing. The kind where you thought things would go one way but instead they're going no ways. As Dashing Boy says, it's been a year of patience.

That's ok. It is. You know why?

Because of faith.

Just before we moved we got a lovely basket full of heirloom tomato starters from some good friends. We were so excited about them.

We planted them as soon as we could.

We've had to be patient all summer for them to produce.

And then they started to. But they were working harder than they were able, and soon the fruit was just too heavy for the plant to grow up. So they started to droop. They drooped so far that some of the vines began to press into the medal cages, stunting their growth.

One day, we decided to go outside and do what we could to help them. We ripped strips of muslin and harnessed them up one by one. Guiding them in the direction they were trying to go, but couldn't on their own.

As they settled into their slings they looked a bit defeated. But if you watched close enough, you could see them fighting. See them realizing and then knowing that they weren't on their own and someone was there to help them.

They were beautiful.

Right now I'm drooping a bit.

But it's ok because of faith.

For I know the Saviour is lifting me up.

So that I can reach my full potential.


Geoff & Cami Brown said...


I love you and admire your strength. I will keep praying for you-- you are amazing!!!

candace said...

Luke 21:19

Patrice's Life Thoughts said...

That was a beautiful analogy that you used with your vines. But remember this Jenny; God never leaves you nor does he ever forsake you. Everwhere that you have gone in your life you have left a legacy. You have touched the hearts of many people in your life especially mine.Don't forget that you are not walking through life on your own so don't lose your faith. Know that everyone that you have touched with your sweet spirit will lift you up in their arms of prayer and love you until you feel that you can bear the weight of your burdens on your own. God Bless You Girl!

Randi said...

Wow. What a sweet and sobering post. Everything WILL be ok. May God
bless you.

Nell said...

i know where you are coming from.

Cristie said...

I'm so glad you were there to save those herloom tomtoes, aren't you? Can I come out and try one? Some summers just seem longer and hotter, but the fruit in the end will be so sweet.