Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Education Week with the Women I Love.

Last week yielded a special trip to a portion of BYU Education week in Provo, Utah with these lovely ladies:
Now Provo is a very exciting place for those of you who haven't heard. We had a whole list of things we wanted to do while there.

First of all we had to make a trip to the Provo DI. "It's the size of a Costco!" Juju said pepping me up before we got there. "It's a good one." "The craft area is amazing!"

There was so much anticipation and then when we got there a large gathering of people waiting for them to open the doors. My, I felt like it was the day after Thanksgiving! It was so funny and Juju was so excited, that I made her pose for a few pictures.

Scores included: A fiestaware plate and a nice silk tie for Dashing Boy. Juju got some crosstitching stuff and the most exciting find of the day: a practically new silpat for 50 cents!

The other big thing on our list: VaNIElla squared cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery. We love Nie so much.

Chocolate milk from the BYU Creamery was also a must. So we took our cupcakes there so we could have them together. Both of which were absolutely delicious! The cupcakes were so moist and the frosting! well it was heavenly.

Education week was wonderful- my first taste and something I definitely want to do again. It was so fun to be with Mom and Juju. My favorite classes were "Faithful Women in Latter-Day Saint History" and a class on temple marriage taught by Douglas E. Brinley author of Between Husband and Wife. I learned all sorts of new things.

Favorite announcement at education week: "Please don't applaud after the bearing of testimonies". Can you imagine? I thought that was pretty funny.

Favorite BYU Boy: A new freshman that boldly asked in the happiest way if he could join us at our table (a table for 8 with 7 seats already taken by our education week bunch) "What are you guys here for?" he asked Juju and I. So we talked to him. We were chatting away when he looked at us and said "so are you guys still in high school?" I almost choked on my drink as I started laughing. Bless his heart, he was so brave.

Thanks Mom and Juju for such a great time!


Alec said...

I am so glad to hear someone from Salt Lake say nice things about Provo! My parents are both from Provo, but it always gets such a bad rap in the SLC. Really a beautiful place! Also, my mom often participates in BYU's education week (not this year, however). Hope all is well.

Gigi said...

nice post! except i try to look in my pictures that i am not fat, not look like i don't have any arms! it was wonderful to spend a day with you at education week! i love you!

Natalie said...

all that time in Provo and I never went to the D.I? Dang it!

Nell said...

sounds fun! i love gretch's shirt!

Kat said...

I wasn't mentioned once.