Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Sign Right Here.

Yesterday Dashing Boy and I closed on our house.

It was very exciting.

First, we went to the final walk-through. We were both pretty nervous. Dashing Boy even dressed up a little bit for the day. Do you think I should dress a little nicer because we're doing such responsible things today? he asked me in the morning.

By the end of the walk through the nervousness faded into excitement and good feelings as we stood on the front porch.

I felt really good! I told Dashing Boy as we drove away. Me too! I'm excited! he said.

And then we went to sign all those papers. Dashing Boy told me I should take a good look at our account before we left because the number was going to go down quite a bit by the next day.

This is all our hard work for the past three years! he said.

I know! I said back. Isn't it so satisfying? To have worked and saved so much and to be here now? Signing those papers was satisfying.

So now we are home owners.

Er, well, on our way to being that. Because it is a debt. Oh what a yucky word!

As long as we're aware of that, and working to make that not so, I think it will be ok.

So welcome, home ownership. It's good to meet you.


candace said...

yay! so ecxciting!!

Jenna said...

He dressed up? Cutest! Congrats on your new house.

Natalie said...

oh goodness, congrats!! How exciting!