Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jenny and the Half Good, Somewhat Bad, Kind of Rotten Day.

Yesterday was one of those days. A good/bad, satisfying/unsatisfying, long, blah, tired day.

Most of the day was spent packing the kitchen with my sister Juju (who may I just say was a little angel, life-saver, kindred sister friend). It was a lot of work, a little sad (oh how I loved this kitchen!), and really just draining.

By the late afternoon I wanted to take a nap so badly but resisted the urge, trying to be very efficient and productive.

So instead of napping, Juju and I laid on the bed and had awake napping. You know, the kind where you let your eyes relax into a sloppy stare and you have random/sparse conversation for a good half hour...

Then a good friend arrived (thank you!) to help us finish the final kitchen leg so we got up, swallowed our sleepiness, and did it.

(As a side note Juju loves the Duggar family and admires the Duggar daughter's industrious, hard-working abilities. She says they are going to be such good moms because they just get in there and get things done. And so I must say Juju, that you are going to be a great mom- and not just because of your working abilities either).

After Juju and my friend left, I had a quick dinner, did my visiting teaching, then came home.

For the past week Dashing Boy has asked me to do some reviews on Angies List. They had a little special going on and if you filled out 8 health reviews you would get an ipod shuffle.

Well goodness, the deadline was yesterday so I ended up spending the remainder of the night filling out reviews, visions of a happy Dashing Boy listening to his ipod with visions of a lovely me in his head.

I missed the deadline by two minutes.

All the hard work for naught! Oh, it was just enough to almost make exhausted me cry and be angry at the same time.

It was a half good (Juju, nice friend, packed kitchen) somewhat bad (tired, go go go, wasted evening, no gift for husband) about to get kind of rotten day.

I moped into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Dashing Boy had just used the toilet and being environmentally conscious decided that I would probably use it right away too so why waste a flush.

And then... the rotten...

As I reached in the cabinet to put my toothbrush back-a sonicare toothbrush, mind you- a terrible thing happened. Like a perfectly orchestrated winning dive the toothbrush plunged out of my hand, flew up into the air and fell swoosh into the toilet.

I leaned over and stared. Just stared. And then a full burst of Dashing Boy laughter- the really good, high laughter that only comes out when something is really, really funny.

And so although I didn't provide an ipod shuffle yesterday evening, I did provide some belly laughter and a solid funny memory

That I will be sure to utilize should any terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days arise.


Jenna said...

I am CRAZY ANAL about closing the toilet lid after every single use no matter what. This does two things:

1. Evens out the playing field. He doesn't leave the lid up because I don't either.

2. Prevents things from falling inside the toilet which I always find both depressing and disgusting.

I am sorry I only told you about this practice after you had to learn this lesson.

Please don't even tell me if you retrieved the toothbrush from the toilet and attempted to sterilize it. I don't want to know. :)

Mrs. Olsen said...

I don't think the laugh was worth it. Those sucker (sonic brush) are EXPENSIVE!