Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Little Passion.

It has been a busy week. So today when I called Dashing Boy to let him know that I would probably have to drive straight to cub scout pack meeting from work (pinewood derby night), I hardly realized that I had left no time for dinner to be had. "Is there going to be dinner at pack meeting tonight?" he asked. Oh yeah! I thought. We still need to eat dinner tonight. And pack meeting donuts just can't count.

"No, I don't think there will be," I said. So then Dashing Boy told me he would pick something up for us. And then he let me know that I didn't need to be at scouts at 5:45, rather, I needed to be there at 6:15. Ahhhh, 30 minutes mas.

Dashing Boy arrived home shortly after I did with some food from a Colombian restaurant: vegi empanadas, fried plantains and yucca. He set down two drinks on the counter. Colorful drinks. Dashing Boy is usually a strictly water drinking kind of guy- so these drinks had to be pretty special.

"This one is yours and this one is mine," he said, pointing. I took a sip of mine and zing! a lovely explosion of tangy, yummy passion fruit- real passion fruit. I LOVE passion fruit. "Of course I got you passion fruit," he said.

And then he did a little dance around the kitchen.

And I was thinking yeah! passion fruit! dancing husband! score!

And then we went to scouts and ran around all night. Busy busy busy.

On the way home, he said "You are so great baby. You looked so official in your scouting shirt sitting at that desk."

So of course, I'm feeling pretty hot right now.


MEvans said...

If anyone can pull off one of those scouting shirts it's you sista!

Adrienne Martain Black said...

You always look gorgeous, Jenny. :-)