Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fine and Finer

Yesterday, after eating a delicious passion fruit infused truffle I excitedly called Dashing Boy.

"I know what I want for Valentines Day!" I exclaimed, giddiness oozing.

"Oh yeah?" he said.

And then I told him. A box of chocolate. A heart-shaped box of chocolate to be exact.

So original I know. But really when, when do you get to have a box of delicious chocolates all to yourself? And in a lovely heart box with satin ribbon? Doesn't that just sound so wonderful?

Boys have it so easy. Really, I think I'm a fairly unique girl, but when it comes to gifts, give me chocolate, flowers, or a little piece of jewelry and I'm happy.

This love of chocolate though, has taken years to bloom.

There is this picture of me at my first birthday where my parents have just brought out a beautiful chocolate cake with a candle on top. A whole cake just for me to stick my face into and instead of being one excited baby I'm sitting behind the cake bawling my eyes out.

Much to my mother's dismay (could this really be my daughter?) it was soon discovered that I didn't like chocolate. The next birthday I had a strawberry tart and a huge smile. And the birthday after that I simply had a bowl of strawberries with candles in them.

Thus it became know that "Jenny loves strawberries." "Jenny does not like chocolate."

I truly believed this for many years. How sad!

And then somewhere I decided that I liked chocolate. whatever. It was fine.

But I only liked certain chocolates. Like the caramels. Usually when I licked my sneaky fingers after poking them in the bottoms of the non-caramel boxed chocolates I was only filled with yuck and disappointment.

And then one day I met Dashing Boy and after three weeks of dating he went on a trip to New York and brought me back a box of Godiva chocolate.

It was the sweetest gesture. But I, uneducated in chocolate, and filled with memories of gross goos and cremes thought that I would have a tough time getting through the box.

And then I ate one.

Me oh my! The flavors! The smoothness! The beauty!

Was this whole box really for me?!!!

I ate every single one of those chocolates in pure indulgence. Vocalizing my delight with each one in oohs and awws.

The mystery was solved. Jenny loves fine and finer chocolate.

Thus budgeting for chocolate began. Because fine and finer chocolate is pricey and special.

So it came as no surprise yesterday when I wished to spend the majority of the money we saved for Valentines Day on this delectable indulgence.

Lucky for me, I have it easy this year too. Because Dashing Boy would also love a box of chocolates for a little gift.

So there you have it. Valentines budget = his and hers boxes of finer chocolates and most likely a night in with pizza.

Oh, and I still love strawberries. Preferably dipped in chocolate.


Heidi said...

I went to a chocolate factory, where they let you watch (through windows) the ladies that were hand-dipping the truffles. It was expensive there, $50 per lb. I bought only two truffles, and you know what? I liked the mint infused ones that you made better. You should start a shop. And be a master chocolatier!

Jose said...

I could only imagine how good that passion fruit truffle tasted. I think you might also like Nutella. It's a hazelnut chocolate spread, that in my oppinion, goes well with everything.

D said...

Jenny, I like yours better too.
I didn't know you didn't like fine chocolate until I gave you that box of Godiva chocolate! How cool! and, you're starting to enjoy blue cheeses too!

As for me, you helped me discover fresh mozzarella cheese.

Jenna said...

I'm so happy you commented because I'm loving all of your posts!

D said...

I think I'm going to bookmark this page.