Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Win an Apron by Athena!

Tomorrow- Wednesday, my fun and very talented sister-in-law Athena will be featured on the blog Giveaway Today (brought to you by my very talented, sweet and savvy cousin Emily)!

Athena makes all sorts of beautiful things. She is a wonder. Truly. For her first tiered cake she made my wedding cake. A wedding cake! I would have been a frazzled mess! But she just went for it and created a masterpiece. When she wanted a microfiber slipcover for her futon couch and she saw that they were priced at over $200, she just whipped one up for $20 without using a pattern or anything.

Athena is one of those girls you see sitting at farmer's markets, long hair flowing, selling artsy, fabulous jewelry while all the while looking classy and poised.

As an artist she works very, very hard at her craft. She just launched her own website which features one-of-a-kind jewelry, purses, aprons, hats, and headbands. You can visit her website here and check her out on Giveaway Today here. (word on the street is she's giving away an apron!)

Way to go Athena!

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