Monday, December 01, 2008

Highlights of Thanksgiving

Family + delicious food + crowded kitchens + hugs + lots of gratitude = Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Gratitude Tree
Before Thanksgiving dinner began, all cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and loved ones wrote out what they were thankful for on a cut-out leaf and added it to the family gratitude tree. We read the entries during dessert. Gratitude leaves included:
"family," "my mission", "the opportunity to go to school," "traditions," "freedom," the gospel," "my parent's testimonies," "a family that loves me," "all my grandkids and their spouses."

2. Homemade Pie (making and eating)

3. Favorite Sibling Photo- A Tradition.
Years ago my brother and I began a fabulous picture taking tradition. I think it stemmed from my sister Juju looking so nice and proper in all of our family photos. So one day as the three of us were posing for a picture he and I decided to do over-the-top smiles. We couldn't stop laughing at the end result- us looking completely ridiculous with my sister looking so nice and serious.

Now, we just can't help ourselves and inevitably one of these photos sneaks in to every sibling picture session. Silly, yes, but we find this hands-down hilarious. The best part is that Juju still poses so nice even if she suspects we might do our big smiles. "Did you do it?" she'll moan after a picture is taken "I knew it!"

4. This silverware is plastic.

5. Gourmet Food by Dashing Boy's Father

I don't eat turkey, but if I did, I would be mighty excited about this one. Instead, I was mighty excited about the delectable vegetable dish Dashing Boy's dad made for me. Once a year, Dashing Boy's house turns into a gourmet restaurant- complete with a seasoned chef (my father-in-law), appetizers, and a menu filled with descriptive dishes and impressive desserts.

6. Cornucopia Centerpiece
Meet Buddha's hand- a lemon-like citrus fruit that we were all enamored with. No one could quite resist the urge to pick the fruit up and pretend an attack on themselves by the claw.

7. Marzipan Pumpkins
I love these special treats made every year at Dashing Boy's house.

I absolutely loved all Time With Family. Thank you for a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

hey jenny i was wondering how thanksgiving went ours was ok but we missed you love you,


candace said...

The siblings pic is so great! I can totally picture you guys doing that! Josh is so dang cute and you guys all have the most beautiful eyes.

Cristie said...

Hey, what are those cool looking treats you have every year at Dashing Boy's house? Very interesting. Love the post.

Natalie said...

too cool, too cute!

Nicole said...

Yes, great minds DO alike. Your cute mom was at the same enrichment I was, hence the fabulous idea for the gratitude tree. Looks like you had a fun holiday with your family.