Saturday, July 19, 2008


Let's just say I went a little crazy at Crazy Days- Bozeman's downtown summer sidewalk sale.

I took Belle there and met my friend Mara and her baby-- it was a blast and all was well...until I discovered my FAVORITE store in Bozeman, Fancy Flours, was closing its retail store.

:( I'm sad just writing about it. When I first moved to Bozeman, I stumbled inside and instantly fell in love. Since then, it's been a haven, a magical place that always inspires me to create wonderful things.

What's a girl to do?

Hmmm, perhaps purchase 13 new varieties of sprinkles!

They'll last right? :) I could hardly help myself from getting more- they're just so adorable and fun and at 65% off they were quite the steal.

So goodbye Fancy Flours, I guess I'll have to support you through your online store. Until then, I'll be celebrating every major and non-major holiday and occasion with some sprinkle-clad treats!

*For those of you bakers and sprinkle fans, checkout the "quins" section on the online store! So fun!


gretchen lund said...

i would love to eat this cupcake. see i am reading your blog!

gretchen lund said...

that is sad about the store but kind of ironic that the store closes and you too are closing your "fanciful" life in bozeman!