Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It was a normal Tuesday evening. Dashing Boy was making a salad, I was making a fresh strawberry pie. (Ok, I wish the fresh pie was normal for our dinner routine). When just as I finished whipping some cream our power went out and

BOOM! Giant balls of hail came pouring down around our little home.


We ran to the windows and watched the storm- eerie, breathtaking and amazing. Literally the street was solid white with hail flying all over the place.

As the storm settled we drove over to our friend's house- who we had planned to get together with- and assessed the damage. It was chaos- branches and trees down all over the place, fireman blocking flooded streets, bewildered people trying to get home on their bicycles.

And me, with my camera, longing to be a journalist and capture it all.


gretchen lund said...

those are huge hail balls. almost as big as my hips! now i can see why molly's garden was destroyed. nothing could survive that kind of deluge. you take great pictures and you write great words. don't give up on your desire to be a journalist. maybe someday you will write a book!

Anonymous said...

Hi enny, this is carol storey. your mom told me to look at your blog. you really need to continue working toward your dream of being a journalist (i'm also so impressed with your photos). you are such a fun and good writer! I'm excited you guys are moving back to salt lake. beth and her boyfriend, elliot, are moving here too to go to the U. Your mom and i are planning a reunion spaghetti dinner in your and beth's honor! See you soon! Carol

candace said...

jenny--you are a journalist. love, your favorite media law partner

Anonymous said...

hey jenny ha ha love u and miss u loads, im so excited for u to move back or is that a secret?

well any way love ya!


kel said...

hi - your photos are great! i love the one of the sweet potato. beautiful. my name is Kelly (Johnson) Brooks and i went to high school with Dallas. i found your blog via the BHS reunion blog and was happy to see Dallas Despain. he's one of those pals that i always wanted to run into but wasn't sure if i ever would. if you wouldn't mind saying hi that would be great. thanks.