Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pocket Money

A little over a year ago Dashing Boy and I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class with some friends of ours. We were a little skeptical at first, as in this weird way it almost felt like we were going to some network marketing event. But seriously, it was such a great class and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. It provided the groundwork for us to really come together on money matters and it was informative, fun, and kicked us into gear to become debt free! But enough about that.

Part of Dave's advice on budgeting is to give yourself some "blow money" every month that you can spend on whatever you want. The idea is to put the desired blow money amount in your budget so that it is accounted for. This way, you can still have the success of staying on budget and being responsible with your money but you can also have a break and the thrill of being able to spend the money on whatever you want- be it ice cream or chocolate or clothes or whatever (you know where my mind is :)

We have loved this facet of our budget. But, there is one problem with it-- the term. We both have agreed this past year that we sound like idiots whenever we're saying it in conversation.
"Dashing Boy, do you have any blow money?" "I think I'll just spend my blow money on that." "How much blow money do we want this month?" This has been quite the dilemma as we have had a difficult time coming up with a different word that fits.

But alas, just a few weeks ago it happened. We were driving in the car and it hit me.
"What about pocket money?" I said to Dashing Boy.
"Why didn't we think of that before!?" he exclaimed.

So there you have it. Pocket money it is. There is just something about the term that is endearing. It's so old-fashioned. For some reason though I have the hardest time saying it without a cheesy English accent. "Do you have any pocket money." You try saying it. "I think I'll just spend my pocket money on that." "How much pocket money do we want this month."

Definitely the new way is so much better.


Annie said...

I found your blog..finally. AND THANK GOODNESS you stopped using that term. Blow money sounds kind of wannabe hardcore.

gretchen lund said...