Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tart Cherry Macs

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month October's mactweets challenge: PINK!

When I was in preschool I met Beep. Beep's mom asked my mom if she could watch Beep after preschool. We became inseparable. The bestest of friends.

Our friendship has continued ever since then. When we were younger our mom's made up lots of names for us such us:
  • The Thunderettes (for our deep fear of lighting!)
  • Kindred Spirits (Anne of Green Gables!)
  • And Bosom Buddies (Going to have to ask mom where that is from- post edit: also Anne of Green Gables! thanks Heidi!)

Who better to make Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Macs with than my bosom buddy Beep?

Beep has been working on her mac skills in her own kitchen and has had some frustration. We decided to make two batches of macs. One using the nut flour she used and another the way I usually make it by grinding up blanched almonds in the food processor.

First we made them with my ground almonds. We added delicious tart cherries to the cookie and infused tart cherry concentrate into our chocolate truffle ganache.

They came out looking like this!:

Yay! Feet! Beep was so excited!

Next we made them with the pre-ground pure almond flour Beep had purchased from the grocery store. You would think this stuff would be really nice for mac making...

But in our little experiment not so! The were flat and sticky and just not the right consistency.

Here they are:
Two girls never looked so happy to have failed macs! It was a blast!


Heidi said...

Bosom Buddies is also an Anne of Green Gables reference. Gotta love that L.M. Montgomery!!

Jamie said...

Oh, you girls are beautiful and look so happy! My best girlfriends are spread out all over the world and I can only dream of baking with them (or doing it virtually). Your first macs are stunning! Perfect! And lovely PINK! The second...well, you had a blast making them :-) Thrilled to have both of you baking macs with us for this worthy cause!

Anonymous said...

I love you Jenny!!!! You are the bestest in the whole world :D

Gigi said...

i so love you and beep!

Lora said...

Oh that sour cherry filling is fabulous! Just beautiful macs.

HI Cookery said...

We've had our fair share of food flops, too. But your macs sparkle like precious gemstones!

Sue said...

I wish mine had turned out as beautifully as yours! Love those amazing feet! :)

Deeba PAB said...

ROFL...I wish I looked as happy with tray after tray of failed macs! You girls are precious!! I wish I could find feet with my baking buddies too! Your macarons are PERFECT in PINK! I ♥ the tart cherry flavour. Thank you for joining us at MacTweets and supporting our pink call!

Cristie said...

I love the sparkling filling and cherry mac's would be my favorite! How fun to make them with a dear friend and for a great cause :)

The Pleasure Monger said...

What cheery smiles! A great attitude, I need to adopt too! Thanks for leaving a comment on my mac post, I think yours are spectacular! What are the sparkly bits at the side of the macs, looks incredibly yummy! Btw, I sneaked a peek at your baby and he is just gorgeous!