Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And The Seasons They Go Round And Round.

A few weeks before baby born was boy I talked to a girl who had just had a baby. She said on the way home from the hospital he scratched himself pretty badly on the face.

So in all my baby prep I made sure to purchase some little gloves and baby fingernail clippers.

FYI: baby fingernail clippers do NOT work. They are just like regular adult clippers only with a bunch more plastic on them. We delicately and tenderly cut baby boy's fingernails the day after he was born and poor baby boy still got the bed of his sweet fingertips nipped twice! It was horrible!

So we used the gloves. I thought they looked pretty cute and silly and there was no way I was going to put him through that again. Little baby hands are so sweet to look at though so eventually I resulted to painstakingly filing his nails, a long process.

I was doing this at my parents house when my Grandma reminded me of a much, much superior way of doing this.

Honestly I don't know how my pregnancy and baby brain forgot this little gem of mother wisdom because all growing up my mom would take me out on the porch to trim my fingernails. The memories of these times are lovely as I got to be nurtured and cared for by mom. She used special curved scissors that cut things just right. I thought that was the only way it could be done.

I had only ever seen those scissors at my parents house.

Luckily baby boy was just under two weeks when Grandma got out the scissors. I was so excited and thrilled at the finding as it truly was a bit stressful trimming his lil' nails.

Now I take my baby boy out on the front porch to trim his nails. It is sweet and tender as I think about how now I am the mom. It's a special little thing baby boy and I do each week.

His fingers have never, ever been cut with the scissors. Truly, it is 100x better than fingernail clippers. I thought that these magical scissors were only available at my parents house but silly me that is not so! I guess I'm not abreast on cuticle care because the magical scissors are also called curved blade cuticle scissors and can be found almost anywhere. (Except not in the baby aisle where they really should be marketed!) If you haven't already tried them I think you'll think they're magical too.


candace said...

maybe this is a potential business idea??? eh??

Gigi said...

i am glad that you have happy memories of fingernail cutting! i miss those days with you as my sweet little girl obediently giving me your hands and trusting that i would not cut off your fingers! it is nice to store sweet memories in your heart! the seasons do indeed go round and round! i love you!