Wednesday, September 08, 2010

3 months.

G is now 3 months! This month he's been very busy wowing us with all his wonderful baby skills.

He is very talkative and a great conversationalist. He has much to say in sing-song coos and nice baby noises. His aunt Athena says he sounds just like Mowgli from The Jungle Book. It's my favorite. I could just listen to him and talk to him all day long and forever.

He has gotten very good holding his head up and has really been enjoying tummy time lately as he explores things from different angles. Usually he's pretty focused with big curious eyes but if you lay down on the floor with him to say hello, he'll flash you his happy smile.

He's gripping things like crazy. He won't take a pacifier. He likes sucking on his hand and fingers but not a specific finger. Lately he's been grabbing his burp clothes and blankets and sucking on those! Out great neighbors gave us an awesome activity mat and he loves hitting and grabbing the hanging toys and links!

I am loving nursing him. Truly, I just love it. I'm so glad it has worked out for us and because of our struggles I know what a blessing it is to be able to share that connection with him.

Still, Dashing Boy and I both sometimes get excited about feeding him certain foods. Like when we are eating something really good we want him to be able to try it too! What kinds of things will he like? Will he eat anything like his dad? Will he love candy like his mom?

When I was little I thought anything was better with sprinkles.

But babies are perfect just the way they are. And baby G is just wonderful. My sweet constant companion everywhere I go. I love it. We love you G!


Heidi said...

Okay, that is one adorable baby! Good job making a cute one there. =0) His smile is just melt-your-heart darling!!

julia said...

Do you think you & cupcake baby can come down and visit tomorrow? I am dying to see you both!! Love the sprinkles on the 3!

Gigi said...

this is the most adorable baby ever, after you as a baby, of course!

Sue said...

What a doll!