Saturday, July 10, 2010


I've been so busy doing my best to feed and nourish my little one that yesterday when I went out to the garden I was amazed and also pleased to see that there were some things to harvest, despite my lack of nourishing it.

And so I took my baby out to the garden, handed him a cosmic purple carrot, and took some pictures. Giving him things to hold and watching him hold them is just too darn cute. He's already pulling faces on me that say, C'mon on Mom, really? It's awesome.

When I was nesting I focused a lot on the garden. We had built square foot garden boxes in the fall. And so once spring arrived I busied myself making sure they were complete. I planted seeds, went to garden stores many times and built the grids to go on top. It looked/looks like a little oasis and as I did all these things with my pregnant belly I imagined myself out in the garden each morning with my baby on my hip.

It was a very nice, idyllic image.

Instead Dashing Boy has been the garden waterer and despite his busy schedule has managed to care for it and keep it all alive. Also, square foot gardening is pretty darn cool and low maintenance so we've had that on our side.

Now reality has set in a bit. And in real life, we are not out frolicking in the garden.

But that is ok. Because there is still happy frolicking going on here. It's just mostly inside my house, with or without a shower, sleepiness, sore nipples and a baby I could (and do) kiss a million times a day.

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Whit said...

I just wrote a little post talking about my wonderful garden. Aren't they fun :) It was good to see you the other day and cute little graham. :)