Monday, May 03, 2010

Nesting Times

This weekend I went to the DI and had one of those "hit" kind of days. It began with a perfect, inexpensive little bookcase for the baby's room, then next, this awesome retro little school desk that had me excitedly talking to myself out loud, and it ended with a lone gliding ottoman for the cheap.

It was just a little too exciting to have such a successful thrift store day all in one store, so I called Juju. Because if anyone can understand the thrills to your soul of great thrift finding days, it is Juju. I do believe going to the DI is one of her relaxing joys in life.

I wanted so badly to sit in that desk. It just looked fun, you know? Well that is a pretty dumb idea when you are almost 9 months pregnant. And I was defeated very quickly. Dashing Boy however, did get to try it out. And then he said, "He is going to love it Jenny." Which was very nice of him, as he could see my excitement and eagerness for him to approve random DI purchase.

Seeing him test that chair out and be excited made my heart melt a bit.

It is a bit riveting for us, transforming our house for our baby.

I seriously can't believe it.

Yesterday I made a long to-do list. The to-do before baby comes list (although none of it is really that important if it doesn't get done).

I'm feeling ambitious, And Dashing Boy has told me that he thinks I am in that "nesting time" everyone talks about.

But really I know the truth. The truth being that I can tell my productive energy is quickly sinking into I-would-just-love-to-watch movies and take naps and imagine our baby and process just a little bit this transition from me to motherhood.


Heidi said...

If you're NOT watching movies and taking naps by now then you're doing a heck of a lot better than I am!!

Off topic, what is the color of your wall in the background of that picture? I want to paint our baby's room that same yellow, and I would be tickled if you still remembered the name and brand!!

Dashing Boy said...

Yes, I think it's time for all pregnant women in their ninth month to relax a little bit!

Jenny said...

Heidi- the paint color is melted butter by behr!

Whit said...

I remember how much fun our little desk like that was! He will love it, don't put him in it too soon though.... he might fall out :P