Monday, March 01, 2010

Feeling hot hot hot.

This last weekend Dashing Boy and I went on a date to the Mexican market.

We walked down every single aisle to our hearts content. It was a very exciting two hour date activity, and very educational.

The tomatillos were 3lbs for $1! A cute, nice man was filling a large bag full of them. He was being very discriminating in which tomatillos he was choosing, so I asked him how he knew which ones were good. I really need to continue learning Spanish.

He and Dashing Boy had a good conversation and we learned that he owned a roadside taco stand.

His valuable advice: Choose the greenest smaller tomatillos-they're sweeter. He even offered us his whole bag that he had just chosen (truly, about 10 min worth of choosing) And then he reached his hand into a barrel full of black beans and told me that they were a very good source of iron, good for being pregnant.

It was great.

And so today we made a Mexican meal complete with homemade Cafe Rio dressing jam-packed with tomatillos!

As I was washing the jalapeno for the dressing Dashing Boy said, "Jenny be really careful not to touch your eyes or face now!"

After which I promptly sliced the jalapeno and squirted myself directly in the eye with the hot juice.

Boy that stuff burns! Dashing Boy turned to google and we learned that I could flush my eye out with milk then flush the milk out with cold running water.

I used the 1/4 measuring cup (you know, for you to know just in case you squirt a jalapeno in your eye)- sealed it around my eye then blinked in it a bunch, looking quite lovely as milk dripped down my face and into the sink.

It was just a little too tempting for Dashing Boy who seized the opportunity to take some incriminating pictures of me.

It worked though! 10 minutes later and you would have never known I had done such a silly thing. And now there is a bunch of yummy dressing that I could drink I love it so much. I won't. But I want too.


Anonymous said...

Dressing Recipe Please!

Nell said...

ha ha! that's something I would do!

Anonymous said...

That was really fun! Thanks for making such a great meal and for being so hot hot hot!

-Dashing Boy