Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two sweet, cheap indulgences.

Today I am going to talk about two sweet, cheap indulgences. Things that are a rare treat.

Indulgence #1 I am trying to learn how to make myself: doughnuts

For a very long time I have been eying the beautifully crafted doughnuts in the King Arthur Catalog. My goodness I love that catalog. I pretty much read it (yes read! all the little product descriptions) cover to cover every time I get one in the mail.

This Christmas my inlaws gave me a mini doughnut pan and some other fun things from King Arthur itself! It was very exciting. We made doughnuts that very day! And then a week later I made them again.

Then when we arrived babysitting, upon learning that I loved to bake the 12-year-old excitedly asked me, "Can we make doughnuts?!!! I've always wanted to make doughnuts!"

Why! Yes we can!

They are so cute. And even though they are smothered in cinnamon sugar and chocolate glaze, they are baked not fried, and mini. So, you know, they're better for you too.

The overall consensus was: the chocolate frosted are cutest, but cinnamon sugar are yummiest. Dashing Boy said the frosted needed a better ratio of chocolate to doughnut so I fully submerged a few in the chocolate and then those became his favorite!

(I used this doughnut recipe, only I used 2 T melted butter instead of the shortening. For the cinnamon sugar doughnuts I melted butter and basted a bit on the doughnut then dropped it in a bowl of cinnamon sugar and covered it! and for the chocolate I used this recipe. I liked both recipes but would love to try others- Does anybody have any good ones?)

After being so healthy :) and enjoying all these doughnuts, I bring you to indulgence #2. My most favorite guilty pleasure. This one I did not, nor would I ever attempt to do on my own, it just wouldn't be the same.

that is: Cheese On A Stick from Hot Dog On A Stick.

Oh boy do I love this place. The hats. The freshly, funny-pumped lemonade. The gooey american cheese (which grosses me out, except strangely at this one place).

As children Juju and I followed my mom around on long shopping mall trips with minimal (right mom?) complaints with the promise that we could each get a cheese on a stick at the end. Then mom would get a large lemonade and we would all split it-ohhhhhhhh so good! Even now, still, when Juju and I go shopping together we treat ourselves to this.

So upon learning that the (hot dog loving) children we were watching had never tried cheese on a stick I decided I should share the magic of such a place with them.

Only I think I enjoyed it most of all!

What are you sweet, cheap indulgences?


Cristie said...

Jenny, Is your donut pan one that you plug in, like an appliance? or how does it work? I have one that is like an appliance and have only used it a few times and would love to use your tips!

Heidi said...

Ooooohhhhh, doughnuts!!! Russell and I play a fun game where we're always trying to find THE Doughnut shop, the one we knew in the pre-existence. Every other Saturday (more often in the summer, less often in the rainy months) we'll try out a different shop, in search of the quintessential doughnut. I think we've found it though, in Top Pot Doughnuts. Next time you come to Seattle we'll take you there!!

Marianne said...

I LOVE the peanut butter cup Blizzard wtih chocolate ice cream at the DQ. A very sweet indulgence!

Jenny said...

Cristie- the doughnut pan does not plug in. It's like a cupcake pan. But it would be fun to experiment with yours! I especially would LOVE to experiment with recipes with you!

Heidi and Marianne- both of those sounds so so yummy. DQ is definitely a sweet indulgence! I love the cherry dipped cone!

Nell said...

i've never tried cheese on a stick.... maybe that can be our next cousin date!

Cristie said...

Jenny, we should put a date on the calendar and do some cooking together. Please.