Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pillow Snob.

On our road trip to Montana a couple of months ago we stayed in a sketchy motel. It wasn't supposed to be sketchy but it was.

Perhaps it was the fact that we arrived after midnight and usually random people just seem weird after midnight. It could have been the party going on across the way from our room. Or that the room looked like it had been left unchanged since 1970.

Whatever it was, it was sketch. But we were very tired. And so the best plan was to go right to sleep and zip out in the morning.

In moments like these I am always grateful I have my pillow. Clean and comfortable from home. I had dutifully packed both mine and Dashing Boy's before we left. Because pillows from home are always better than motel pillows.

And so, admittedly a bit snob-like, I set out my pillow, Dashing Boy his, and went to sleep. I laid straight as a board for fear of all the germs in the sketchy motel.

The next morning we woke up, quickly got ready, and went on our way.

We spent the entire rest of the trip with our dreamy pillows.

It was as we were packing for the drive home that Dashing Boy realized he had accidentally grabbed the wrong pillow from the sketchy motel. He had slept on it all week! Nice, original pillow, gone.

Immediately I examined the motel pillow with disgust. Nice pillows are expensive and motel pillows are yucky. Surely, we wouldn't want to use the yucky motel pillow on our bed at home.

I called the motel. Talked to a very nice housekeeper and tried to describe the pillow to her. But really, how do you describe a pillow?

The motel pillow has been sitting in a closet now for weeks. Because although I don't want to use it I feel too guilty throwing it away. No. Best to return it to the motel.

But then today something crazy happened.

I was putting away loads of laundry. I set some pillowcases in the linen closet. And then I realized something peculiar. A pillowcase-the one I was so sure was on the nice pillow left at the motel-was there. For a moment, I was a bit scared. How did it get here? I thought.

Sitting next to it was a cheaper pillowcase, one we hardly ever use. One.

I grabbed it, ran downstairs, and got the motel pillow. I pulled off the pillowcase. Examined the tag. A match.

The right pillow had been sitting, unused in a closet the whole time!

I'm embarrassed. I mean really, the pillow was good and then it was gross and now it is good?!

I just told Dashing Boy. "Oh the pillow!" he said. "That was a big deal!"

Yes, yes it was.

Perhaps if I think about it as an episode of Seinfeld I will feel better...


Marianne said...

Sounds like something I would do for sure! But you never can be too careful when it comes to sketchy motels and infested linens.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! yes, we're all glad to know have the right pillow "back"!

- Dashing Boy