Wednesday, November 04, 2009

All Better.

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning every surface in our house with clorox wipes. "KILLS COLD AND FLU VIRUSES!" the container says.

We pretty much felt like we had the plague last week with the flu.

Which we kind of did. I mean, I certainly have zero patience for sick people who cough and blow their nose in my immediate vicinity.

It just is no fun all around.

Luckily I had Dashing Boy here to take care of me and for me to take care of. Which is always nice. Isn't it so nice to take care of someone? When I was a nanny for Belle I got the flu a whopping 3 times! It was just too hard to not mug on her and try to mend things better. It was worth it.

And so while Dashing Boy made me baked potatoes and spoke softly to me, I did my best to nurse his high fever. He exclaimed at one point after the doctor prescribed some tamiflu, "I mean, they don't even know if I'm sick!" hmmmm, honey. your entire body is boiling right now. You have a fever over 102.5. Boys can be so silly.

Our final flu tally:

Kleenex used: over 400.
Gatorades consumed (they were on sale for $.49!): 9
Halloweens missed: :(
Number of our moms who would not come to our house for fear of the plague:2
Episodes of Glee watched via computer: 6 (thank you Natalie for the recommendation)
Times Dashing Boy claimed non-sickness: 3
Hours spent cleaning house
: 7


Mrs. Olsen said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Can't wait to see pics of your next project.

Randi said...

Ugh. I hate the flu. I've only had it once and I thought I was dying. Strangely I never caught it while teaching... Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think I needed tamiflu...

you're counting how many kleenex I use? uh oh...

-Dashing Boy

candace said...

you're hilarious.

Marianne said...

You make having the flu sound a little bit romantic...I like that!!

Genavee said...

The flu sounds horrific...but a Glee marathon may have been worth the cost.

Cristie said...

I'm so sorry that you were sick for that long! I hope this was the first and last bout of the flu for you both.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh good I'm glad you are better!! Love the flu tally!