Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Time Times.

(photo by very talented: Kali Foley)

There is something about the fall that makes me feel like I should be getting lots of things done.

Like I need to hurry and gather all my acorns or something before I scurry inside for the winter.

I feel that crisp air, and in it I feel light and happy (it is my favorite season). But also I feel a bit weighty too as a string of little tasks that I want to accomplish go through my head. Preparedness before the winter.

And so I've been running around. Planting bushes. Pansies too, because at our last apartment we had pansies that lasted all winter long. Doing lots of little projects around the house.

But now all I want to do is lie on the floor.

That actually really sounds like a good, worthy way to spend my day.

But that is what I did (for the most part- aside from a 3 hour motivated block of time) yesterday.

no good. no good.

There are garden boxes to be built, and garlic waiting to be planted. There are sewing projects asking for some attention. There is that Julia Child cookbook I bought along with everybody else, and a husband who would probably love some nice fancy food. There are jobs to be found, visiting teaching to be done and new moms to give gifts to.

No no. I musn't lie on the floor.

Perhaps I can reserve that for a stormy day in the winter.


Gigi said...

at least you can still lay on the floor. if i would do that then i might have to stay there all day until someone would bring me a forklift to get up!

Anonymous said...

What kind of husband would I be if I didn't comment on this post?

I love you no matter what even if you lay on the floor all day :)

-Dashing Boy

candace said...

I LOVED his post. I totally relate...but I haven't been nearly as productive as you! We need to get together soon for our sewing day!

candace said...

I mean to say "this" post...but I also love Dashing Boy's comment to :) ha ha!

Geoff & Cami Brown said...

You are so cute. Can't wait to see you!