Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Before and After.

I have always wanted to learn how to paint furniture. To make something bright and pretty out of something worn and dull.

Dashing Boy keeps teasing me that I've painted every available surface in our house (this is not true as I can see plenty more surfaces :)

And so here is a big portion of how I've been spending my time this last month:

This table was free, but empty with no chairs. So six raw wood chairs were found at Ikea at a nice, affordable price. They were painted the color of my kitchen-aid mixer.

Next, two side tables Mom and Dad were getting rid of.
These were painted a lighter shade of aqua.
Since the two tables are in separate rooms I dressed them a little differently with knobs from anthropologie.
This bench was found at a thrift store for $25.
It was painted a nice lime green- a color match from one of my favorite latte bowls.

I love the lime green against the aqua wall (the same color as the side tables)

Finally a table purchased from my Grampa's consignment shop when it was closing its doors.
a light yellow makes the room feel cheery.
The end.

for more "before and after" pictures check out my friend Randi's blog- just scroll to the D.I. Furniture Makeover!!! section in her post! I LOVE the fun colors!


Nell said...

amazing! it's like magic.

candace said...

these are even more impressive in person!!!

Cristie said...

I love all the changes to your new fangled funiture! It is now yours. I love your house too!

Nicole said...

When are you having a house party? I want to see it live.

Genavee said...

Those are so wonderful! There is something so amazing about taking something just a little off and making it glow. I'm especially loving the lime green bench.