Sunday, September 27, 2009

Montana Splendor.

On a dusty road in Montana, between the towns of Dillon and Twin Bridges there is a barn.

A mile or so off the main road, it stands, beckoning a glance from passerbys traveling through this humble stretch of road.

Every time we've driven this route I gaze at it in awe. "I love that barn!" "Oh isn't it so beautiful?" I say to Dashing Boy as we drive by.

I wonder if other people notice it too. We're all so busy you know. Even in Montana sometimes.

This barn just draws me in. Round with three beautiful tiers. Apple red with cream trim. Care in the details.

It's magnificent.

On this day, we drove by the barn again. "Oh it's that beautiful barn!" I say to Dashing Boy. I oohh and ahhhh and go on about how wonderful it is.

Then Dashing Boy does something fun and spur of the moment.

He slows down. "Want to go see it?" he says as his eyes search for a road that may lead to it.

I do. Very much.

Soon we're driving down a road with this sign at its entrance:
What on earth does that mean? 2018?

One mile in and curve of the road and we are there. The red barn in all it's glory.

It's even more beautiful from this view. The doors- not seen from the side that faces the road- are perfectly wonderful.

Dashing Boy and I do a photo shoot:

one:lovely lines.

two:don't just drive by me, come touch me with your hands!

three: and stop and smell the roses.

We stayed for awhile. Walking the circumference. Imagining the barn being built. Watching it as different light beamed on its redness and pick-up trucks drove by on the gravel road.

And then we said goodbye. A silent thank you for such beauty and simpleness. Smiles on our faces and the taste of adventure in our bones.


Heidi said...

What happens if the family that lives there dies BEFORE 2018, or worse, what if they DON'T!?!!

I guess so long as they're all perfectly rational they could just change the sign. But just in case they AREN'T like that, please let me come with you to check it out in 2019!

Randi said...

Wow. That barn is rad. This is a sweet post:)

Gigi said...

that is a way cool barn! a blast from the past! what did the sign mean? you need to do this research and let all of your fans know! i love your blog and i adore you!

Cristie said...

Really cool place. I love that you take time to notice so many things that most of us just drive by, not only on the road, but in our heads.

Janis said...

Wow. Thanks for that little escape. It was gorgeous there. :)