Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nuts About You.

Once upon a time when Dashing Boy and I were dating I went to work for some family far away.

We were trying to figure things out you see. Such space could do one of two things: bring us together or pull us apart.

But who were we kidding?

We were in love and I was smitten and as I was away and traveling a bit with a friend I sent Dashing Boy lots of postcards.

I felt very romantic.

One card I particularly thought was nice was this one:

I addressed it to Mr. Dashing. Then I drew a little picture of us as nuts that I thought was a really cute little touch.

All it needed was a stamp and it was ready to go.

But it never got sent off.

Just before its delivery Dashing Boy surprised me for my birthday. Flew all the way out to see me.

It was all romantic and sweet. And one morning I went to get my unsent postcards to give to him in person.

Here you are my love la la la la la...

Dashing Boy looked at the nuts postcard. "Oh wow!" he said, staring at the picture. He flipped it over, read the message in two seconds, hardly noticed my cute picture, then flipped it back over and began a long discourse on nuts.

Truly, he talked about nuts for a good twenty minutes. Just went off. And I sat there in hilarious awe as I learned all kinds of things like cashews grow on trees and they hang down from a fruit and they are poisonous before you roast them.

When he finally stopped talking long enough to catch his breath I burst out laughing "Ohmygoodness, you just talked about nuts for twenty minutes! wow! wow..."

Upon realizing his gusto, he started laughing too and well, it was very very funny.

Since that time we have had many random conversations about this topic, almost always ending in laughter as we remember the postcard.

The most latest being on our hike this past weekend:

Dashing Boy (passing around trail mix to family): It's pretty good but in my opinion there are hardly enough nuts.

Me: That's because you got the tropical fruit mix honey. There isn't a single nut in the ingredients.


MEvans said...

Oh Dashing Boy... You "crack" us up!

Nell said...

that is so cute! ha ha.

Mrs. Olsen said...

You 2 are cute. You should frame that little card and have it in your room.