Monday, August 10, 2009

To Do Honey Do.

Today I became Dashing Boy's Personal Assistant.

He has been very busy lately and had a growing list of things he needed to do.

I have a honey-do list of sorts for Dashing Boy. Things like "help me paint this weekend" or "hang up the spice rack, or the bikes" or "hold things up against the wall so I can see how they look before making holes."

It's been kind of fun. To have this honey-do list. I heard on Oprah once that even if you can open a jar by yourself it is nice to ask your husband for his help- makes him feel good and needed and manly. I remember the person saying that as women we've become so independent (like of course we can figure out how to tap a jar correctly to get it to open) which is a wonderful thing but that there are rich benefits to easing back a bit and letting our men feel like men. Needing them and being grateful to them for all that they offer (which of course is more than "manly" jobs :)

I love my man. And I love feeling taken care of. Ummmmmmmm men.

So even though sometimes I'm more adept with the drill :) I can't help but get a little excited seeing my husband all dirty and sweaty and grassy smelling after working in the yard. Ahhhhhhh men.

Also I love feeling needed as well. Making lunch and bringing it up to my husband on busy workdays. Making our house feel homey. Doing things like that.

So when Dashing Boy said he was so stressed out with all the additional little things he had to do and take care of aside from work I told him, "You can have a honey-do list too you know."

His eyes widened as he registered what I just said. "I can?" he said.

"Of course you can! Gosh of course you can! Just make a list and I'll take care of it."

Pure, palatable relief filled the remainder of our conversation. And this morning I had a list.

That included things like: Mail things off (post office and fed ex), Pay x,y and z bills, Make phone calls to x,y and z places, Go to bank, Set up x appointment, and my favorites: Harvest basil and Buy farm eggs from neighbor.

By the late afternoon I had completed the majority of the tasks. I think Dashing Boy was a little excited about the magic that is having someone help you get tasks accomplished. So much so because I swear a new item was added to the bottom of the list (although Dashing Boy swears it was already there) but truly I did not see it before and how could I miss something as critical as "buy floss" that was #8 bottom of the page in pen.

Something that this personal assistant will be happy to accommodate maƱana.


Randi said...

Cute. I never thought of how things like that would make my man feel more like a man. I was always kind of bugged when he wouldn't let me help with any of the fix-it stuff. Today I will let him fix my bike tire.

candace said...

ha ha. yeah--I would like a honey-do list too! I'll have to inform my honey.