Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Little Peep Went to the Market. And Other Stories.

See that yellow wall behind the little peep ghost? Isn't it pretty? I hope so because when I'm done painting the rest it will be the third time I've painted my living room.

Which makes me feel just like that peep. His expression, my expression- the same.

Lately, Ive been making extra large dinners that provide us with plentiful leftovers. I did manicotti last week. And today I did a big dish of enchiladas. For some reason making these large casserole dish dinners makes me feel like super wife. I don't know where it has come from, but as I look at the rows of food, baked and ready for my leftover-loving husband to heat up at his own free will, I feel very happy with myself. (Never mind that the in-between days are usually pretty scattered meal-wise:)

So today I planned on being super casserole wife so I could paint this wall for the third time. My goal was to get dinner all prepared so it would be ready to eat at the appropriate hour, enabling minimal interruptions once painting began. And as a bonus! providing meals for days. Oh, and a happy husband.

One quick trip to the grocery store was all that stood in the way of achieving such lofty goals.

On target time-wise, I scanned the aisles and collected my items distraction-free. That is, until I reached the center aisle- the one that is always so exciting... camping chairs and lemonade pitchers hanging from the ceiling in the summer. Dancing penguins and lifesaver books in the winter. It always gets me.

I walked by, chanting the next item on my list in my head when !!!!!!!!!! my trip was thwarted by the PEEPS!

I said to myself (I think probably out loud) and seamlessly detoured down the Halloween aisle, so excited. There I spent a good ten minutes surrounded by wonderful autumn colored candy wrappers- the best kind of all.

I left with peeps and candy corn, an autumntime staple for Dashing Boy.

And from there, well...the day just got away from me.

By the time I was done making dinner it was six o'clock. Just in time to eat.

So instead of painting I've resulted to taking pictures of peeps. In front of the dining room wall, successfully painted yellow in one try.

As for the living room wall: after painting it green and moving our furniture back in we knew it wasn't it. Dashing Boy said it looked like a preschool. Which isn't a good reaction. Next: a golden yellow orange that popped right off the wall. In a bit of a disconcerting way.

As expected I'm a little nervous to paint it once more. And now it's getting late and it just sounds like more fun to take pictures of peeps.

But alas, tomorrow I will pull myself together.

Why lunch is already taken care of...

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