Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello Nice to Meet You. Now Let Me Show You My Underwear.

Making new friends is usually never easy. Every time we move I am always so hopeful we will meet some friends- you know real friends- ones we can really connect with. The kind you can get together with at the last minute instead of planning something weeks in advance.

I admit, I'm sometimes a little awkward at establishing said friendships. It's just so exciting, this friend finding process. You never know who you will make that solid connection with.

So when a nice couple from church invited us over for dinner the other night I was excited. Could these people become good friends?

And so we got ready for dinner. Dashing Boy made a salad and we strapped it in my bike basket. I was wearing a skirt and ready to go thinking ahh who cares if the wind blows it up a bit, no one will see. But then at the last minute I decided I should be modest so I grabbed some pants and slipped them on under my skirt for the bike ride.

When we showed up at their house I was feeling pretty good. Thinking: Dashing Boy and I, we're nice people. I hope they'll like us and we have a good time. I was smiling and talking to the wife and it was all going well.

I thought to myself that I should kind of discreetly take off the biker pants. Just slip them off under my skirt. And so as we were talking I said something like "I'm just going to take these pants off..."(real discreet)

and then...the HORROR!

It's really kind of a blur

The wife with a look of worry on her face saying "Oh no, you don't need to do that!"
Me saying "it's ok I just wore them for the bike ride!"
Me glancing down at the floor.
Me seeing that I am standing in their kitchen in my UNDERWEAR.
Me pulling up my skirt as fast as possible.
The husband turning the hallway to the kitchen at the precise moment to catch a glimpse of my underwear bottom.
Dashing Boy standing in the kitchen staring, wondering what on earth just happened.

GOODNESS GRACIOUS how does anyone recover?

I think I said something like: "Oh my gosh I pulled off my skirt! I was totally standing in your kitchen in my underwear!"

Underwear might I add, that isn't necessarily the most flattering. Underwear that only your husband and maybe mom should ever see you in.

The wife acted like she hadn't even noticed (trying to save me) and the husband said something like, "I was thinking you were my wife and she was just hanging out in her underwear."

And then we ate dinner.

Later that night we were all talking when suddenly Dashing Boys burst into laughter. "I can't believe that happened." he said.

"Don't worry. It's really a great introduction to our house." said the wife.

I really should be embarrassed about this right? But it is just too funny.

As it got dark, Dashing Boy and I got on our bikes to head home. A bit of a rough start to making friends but still we were leaving with our heads held high.

I sat on the bike and then I realized the modesty thing and that something was missing. Something I didn't want to receive a humiliating phone call about the next day.

"I think I'm pretty much the biggest dork on the planet." I told Dashing Boy as I walked back to their porch.

The husband answered the door. "Did you forget something?"

"Yes," I said. "my pants."


Kat said...

Bahahahahaha. Oh I wish I were there for that! Best story. Ever!

Heidi said...

OH Jenny!! Oh dear. Only you could pull that off with such poise! I bet you guys are bosom buddies in no time!

Gigi said...

very funny! i just hope your underwear was clean!

Natalie said...

hahahaha....this is the best story ever!

And it is sooo hard to make new friends at church!

Adrienne said...

love it! you poor thing!

Marques said...

Great story! Who knew you were such an exhibitionist?

Randi said...

Nice. I have a feeling you guys are going to be really close.

Cristie said...

this was so laugh out loud--this is cristie and candace, by the way! you have to submit this somewhere. good writing. good good writing.

Maren said...

oh jenny. funny funny.

Nicole said...

This is simply the best! You are my favorite. And you're definitely someone who could handle something like this.

MEvans said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing!

jennifer said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! You handled it well! Love you!

Jenna said...

Knowing exactly what you are talking about when you refer to your undies makes this even funnier. I'm sure you made so lifelong friends out of that couple!

Nell said...

i love it!!!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Ha! Great icebreaker. New BFFs right there Jenny.