Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home.

These past few weeks have been nice and busy.

Busy doing things like this:
(don't worry Scotty full post to come soon)

Busy purchasing second hand furniture online (locally and for the budget conscious) like this:
This little beauty is over 70 years old! Her previous owners called her the smurf couch. But I am going to call her blue lovely and give her some colorful, cozy pillows. She is very clean and has the slouch that can only come from couch springs as experienced as hers.

And busy helping my sister-in-law with her move which included an... AHHHH! WAIT! Athena FELL THROUGH A TABLE!!!
Ok, jumped. Well, hopped. onto a glass table as we were hanging curtains. I was standing on that little step stool and it looked just like in the movies when someone jumps through the top of a glass roof and it shatters all crazycool action-like. Only this time it was for real and scary and...well what do you say when someone jumps through a glass table? "are you ok?"

She was just fine-completely braced her fall, and actually burst out laughing before I could mumble anything. Ahhhhh... Don't jump on glass tables.

Thank you Mom and Juju and Mrs. Muppet and everyone for all your help and love! Goodness I love my family so much.


Blake and Jenn said...

I love it, but I miss seeing you at church. Hopefully everything is going well for you two. I just found a ton of recipes for salad and thought of you! I am seriously impressed you've done so amazingly well with your salad goal! P.S. your garden looks amazing!! We only have a few tiny zucchini...

MEvans said...

love the couch! what a great find! I can't wait to see it in person- I'll show you my couch if you show me yours.

we miss you guys!