Monday, June 01, 2009

Quarter of A Century.

Today I became a quarter of a century years old.

First, I wanted to ignore the day, but then it turned out lovely.

You see, I know it's silly, but I wasn't very excited to turn 25. 24 just sounds so youthful, so there, so fun. 25 sounds like "who am I?" It just does.

And so, I was feeling a little melancholy about leaving years 20-24 behind and entering years 25-30. For some reason it just makes sense in my head to break the years up that way.

But then I woke up and Dashing Boy made me breakfast in bed- cream cheese almond filled french toast and fresh strawberries. And he had written me a poem, which I always love. And then he gave me a gift- a beautiful pewter key holder that says "Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Fully," because I always lose my keys. On a thrice daily basis.

Then I went to lunch with my mom and grandma. I talked to my whole family on the phone. And got 4 separate phone calls where the caller(s) sang the entire happy birthday song, confidently, even harmonizing. A friend visited. And I came home from my errands to find Dashing Boy making a cake.

And I thought, goodness, this is a great birthday. Maybe 25 isn't going to be so bad after all.

It was years 20-24 that I became a wife, a best friend to my mother, a confident young adult. I strengthened-even found- my testimony. I learned how to live far away from my family and start out small with my husband. To branch out in new places. They were good years.

Now I look ahead to years 25-30 with cautious excitement. In these years, I hope to become a mother. To have our home grow and be filled with new adventures and family life. I hope to serve more. To still be madly in love with my husband and celebrate- take little romance vacations every now and then. To spend quality time with my family. I hope to be strong, and to grow in good ways. I hope to be close to the Lord.

And so I welcome 25.

Thank you for your nice beginning.


*Amy Leigh* said...

Well I am glad you had a good birthday!!!

About a month after I turned 25 I found out that I was pregnant and so far, 25 has been pretty sweet. I do feel older, but older as in more established, not old-ladyish...I guess we should just embrace this time because soon we will be having our 40th and reflecting on how *young* we were when we were 25!!!

Natalie said...

Oh Happy Birthday!! I'm glad it was such a fun day -- you deserve it!

Mara said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! I'm glad it turned out great! 25 isn't so bad, but 26, now I feel old. :-D

MEvans said...

Happy Birthday!! I just turned 29- for the second time, so believe me when I say 25 is great! We wish you all the very best life has to offer this year!

Brooke said...

Happy Belated-- that french toast looks delish!

Larn said...

aaaah happy late birthday jenny! i love you and i hope you had an amazing day. and you know they say 30 is the new 20. so i think it's all ok.