Friday, April 10, 2009

Singing in the Rain.

In 2007 I locked my keys in the car three times.

Full-on pulled them out of the ignition, threw them on the seat, opened the car door, pushed the lock button, then closed the door with purpose.

Each time, seconds after my exit from the car, I thought in a fury "did I seriously just do that?"

The first time it happened I learned that I could call my car insurance company. That roadside assistance covered lockouts.

Ma'am are you on the side of the road? Are you in any way in danger? Are you in need of immediate medical care? Is anyone locked in your car and unable to get out?

No, no. I'm safe. I'm just standing in the parking lot looking at my keys on the front seat.

The second time it happened, I knew exactly what to do and seamlessly called Geico for help.

The third time it happened I was completely bewildered with myself. And couldn't stop laughing. Seriously Jenny. seriously?

A couple of days later, I got a letter from Geico. They did not think it was funny. Rather, I was expensive. Roadside assistance coverage is only $8 per year. One more use of lock-out service that year, and they were going to drop the coverage.

Thus I learned that if I locked my keys in the car, calling my car insurance for help was not. an. option. And luckily, my ditz-streak ended and for two solid years I have never locked my keys in the car.

Then yesterday Dashing Boy and I went for a run. We drove to a park, and Dashing Boy being the only one with pockets, carried the keys.

The run was great. It was rainy and refreshing. A nice start to the day.

We walked back to the car. Dashing Boy pulled the key out of his pocket, put it in the door, and tried to open it. No avail. He tried the trunk. The passenger door. I tried all three doors. It was not happening. Apparently, only the automatic door opener opens the doors to our car. Which is very ridiculous.

And so, as Dashing Boy put it, we were locked out of our lives. Both our car and house secure.

We called our landlady. We brainstormed ways to break into the house and get extra keys. We discussed calling a locksmith to let us into our home.

And then an hour or so later Dashing Boy exclaimed "Why don't we just call our car insurance for a lockout!"

I had completely forgotten this was an option.

And so we waited. We watched the crawling worms on the pavement after the rainstorm. I taught Dashing Boy some of my newest tap moves- he was pretty good! We talked, and laughed, and acted like we did when we were dating and the decision to skip out on class just for an afternoon, was easy and worth it just so we could spend time with each other and do nothing,


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Cristie said...

This post made me smile tonight, and I needed to smile. Thanks! So glad you have road side service, I need to check in to that!