Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Contribution: Eat Your Food.

Tonight I went out on a date with the fam.

Dinner and a much anticipated! show.

Ever since I've been with Dashing Boy, my family has found relief with all kinds of food leftovers. Because Dashing Boy will eat anything. Seriously, he will.

Just today I watched him eat a hamburger that had been sitting out for a couple of hours before it had reached the refrigerator. "Are you sure you want to eat this hamburger?" I said.

"Oh yeah, no problem. Hamburgers are like meant to sit out, aren't they? They sit out on grills all the time."

When we were in between moves and went to Peru three years ago, Dashing Boy carefully saved all of our condiments and asked my parents if they would be willing to store them in their fridge while we were gone. And then when he returned, he remembered what condiments were there, to the point of realizing a couple specialty mustards were missing. Of which, he has never lived down. The man likes his mustard.

But really, it is a bit endearing.

It leads to a less wasteful household. And it also provides some very amusing moments.

And so tonight, as dinner neared it's end, my family nonchalantly turned to Dashing Boy and offered him their leftovers.

"Juju," my mom said, "do you want a box to take your leftovers home?"

"Oh no" she said. "I probably won't eat it."

**all heads turn to Dashing Boy**

As we were boxing up all the food, I decided I would take the remaining half mini loaf of bread. I sliced it, generously garlic buttered each piece and slipped them in my take-out box. Then I proudly announced this feat to my food-saving husband.

And that was, in an oh-so-small way, how I celebrated Earth Day. Wasting no food. Something small, but important.

Just as long as you don't get sick.

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Cristie said...

I'm greener than I thought . . . I'll never look at leftovers the same again!