Thursday, March 05, 2009

You Go Girl!

Yesterday I had a conversation with an impressive woman. I told her about a decision I had recently made, wondering what her response would be. When just as soon as I was done speaking, she looked me squarely in the eyes and said "YOU GO GIRL!"

She said it with power. She meant it.

And then she gave me some words of wisdom. And incidentally some inspiration through her positive example and approach to life.

* * *

When I was in elementary school my favorite, most favorite of all, thing to have in my lunch was cucumber sandwiches. I loved this sandwich so much. Bread, cucumbers, dill- so simple but so good.

I happily carried this sandwich in my lunch for months when one day, another girl at school decided to make fun of me for my weird sandwich. She made a point of this. And a scene. Then she checked everyday at lunch to see if I brought a cucumber sandwich that she could make fun of. And little girl Jenny was sad, and confused, and no longer brought cucumber sandwiches to school anymore.

I also loved hostess sno-balls. You know, those gooey coconut marshmallow covered chocolate cakes with creme in the middle. The cafeteria bully and other children as well thought that sno-balls were weird also, and sick. Which is absurd. Look at that picture! Now how can you think that?

But my Mother, being the wise lady she is, allowed me to be sad about my cafeteria heartaches and then she explained to me that the girl at school was going through a hard time, there was nothing wrong with my sandwich, and that although I felt hurt I could turn that hurt into kindness and do something nice for her.

So Mom and I secretly did the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each day, bringing something new, with a nice poem or note, special just for her. It was wonderful.

Mom taught me a beautiful lesson. And although she didn't really say it, she taught me "You go girl!" You eat your cucumber sandwiches and neon sno-balls if that is what you love! And "You go girl!" you be a stronger, more compassionate person to those around you! "You go girl!" You hold you head up high and stand for something higher.

And so to all of you out there- those of you dealing with heartaches of your own, big or small, those of you who are making and facing decisions and choices in your life, and those of you who are just doing your thing day to day,



Gigi said...

that was a nice memory about the 12 days. i may have planted the seed but you had to do the secret everyday! we should have given her a cucumber sandwich! i love you and you have grown to be a beautiful compassionate and creative woman!

nellZie said...
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nellZie said...

I thought it said yogo girl and i was really confused. :D

Becky said...

Love this post and sounds like you have an incredible mom - like you! Thanks for sharing ... and loving my shirt!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Your mom sounds very all mothers should be.

Cristie said...

Wow. It's amazing how little things in life can affect others in powerful ways. Sometimes I just live life without thinking-- you do such a good job thinking things through. You do go girl.