Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stop and Smell the Sunflowers.

On Friday, I completed the last day of my new job.

It was a hard decision to come to. Have you ever felt like something was just not the right fit-close-but not quite?

Part of me is a bit sad, and part of me is totally at peace with my decision.

My coworkers were awesome- amazing, amazing women, who I will miss. These lovely flowers were given to me by one of them. A thoughtful surprise on my desk from a wonderful, kind, giving woman.

Which, in this confusing life, isn't that exactly what we need? Love and kindness and sisterhood as we all try to figure out our paths? Whatever they may be.

Sometimes choices and decisions are so clear cut.

And sometimes they are completely confusing.

I've experienced these crossroads of choices a few times, and they are uncomfortable. Also strangely exciting. But mostly uncomfortable.

I don't know what exactly the future holds.

But I do know that I'm grateful for sunflowers.

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Adrienne Martain Black said...

That's so funny because on Saturday I had the strongest urge to buy sunflowers, so I did. They are so beautiful and make me just feel "sunny" somehow.

On a personal note:
Would you and Dashing Boy want to do dinner sometime soon with Brooks and I? You could bring one of your fabulous salads and I'll do the rest. :-) Also, I'm having a "girls' night" on Saturday April 11th around 6pm. I would love for you to come. There will be tasty food and lots of girlies.