Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'd Rather Be Wearing An Apron.

When I was in college I listened to a whole series of lectures about The Girl With The Flying Hair (don't even try to google that phrase).

I will describe this girl to you: She is classy and poised and beautifully put-together from head to toe. She is a savvy businesswoman, a fabulous mom, and a sexy wife. Her house is clean and well-kept. Her children are happy. She carries a briefcase and a baby with ease and grace. She can do it all.

Can you picture her? Her hair is flying (beautifully) because she is always on the run. Go go go. In the illustrations I saw in this class (taken directly out of ad campaigns and magazines geared toward women) the glossy woman captured the essence of the above paragraph completely. An amazing standard. A ridiculous, unachievable standard. A standard that is every woman's dilemma.

Stay-at-home? Work? Both? All? Implications all around.

I am not a mother yet, but I'm definitely emerged in this dilemma and have been for years (even before I met Dashing Boy.). Long-term vision. It has led me to take and leave jobs. It changes the way I think about money and my body and health. My future children weigh in to almost every decision I make.

Am I crazy?

My grandma made that beautiful apron and gave it to me a few days ago. Oh how I love it so.

Lately, when I really think about my "dream job" --you know, the "If you could be doing anything right now regardless of training, or education, or money, or whatever that you would need to obtain that job what would it be?" dream job-- I find myself dreaming of that apron.



Cristie said...

There is a reason I have a collection of aprons. Most of my aprons represent real work, because that is what I do. Life at home isn't always a bed a roses, but I have loved the flexibility I've had over the years. There have been times I've felt invisible in my apron, but I'm glad that I chose it over the brief case. It was perfect for me.

Aimee said...

I love your posts. They're creative and they make me take a break, think, and smile. Thanks!

Heidi said...

Yeah, you need to become a Master Chocolatier, with your own little chocolate shop, it'll be fabulous! The kids can wear aprons and help out......

candace said...

amen! can we wear our pretty aprons together sometime soon?

Mrs. Olsen said...

Jenny, your children, even yet unborn, weighing in on your decisions of what i value, what do I want to do...well, all of this is beautiful and indicative of the fact that you have a man that you love. I felt the same way before having kids myself. The waiting will give you that much more clarity about how to raise, love, and spend time with your kids.

Jenny said...

thanks everyone for your comments! They've made me smile all day.

I would LOVE to become a master chocolatier! How awesome would that be! I think you should become one too!

Caren said...

I love "old" aprons! The sense of warmth and security and the idea of food and family. this apron is beautiful! Lucky you!!