Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Have A Confession...

Today I went to the grocery store- for real- for the first time in seven weeks.

My goodness how embarrassing!

I've definitely stopped by the grocery store to "pick something up." And I've been to Costco many a time. But that doesn't count. Cheese and tortillas and randomness in bulk sizes (quality in quantity but lacking in variety) is only so good for so long.

Definitely not on the pathway to mastering working full-time while maintaining a functioning household.

In my defense, we don't eat out very often. And I bring a homemade lunch to work everyday.

But real mealtimes and such have been lacking.

So, after seven weeks of grocery store strolling withdrawal I went to the grocery store hungry. Which is never a good idea.

I ended up with the most random things... all natural cheetos. rice krispies, marshmallows, and mini cadbury eggs (which were promptly made into rice krispie treats-absolutely delicious with the cadbury eggs mixed in). English muffins.

It was wonderful.

I went down every aisle.

I would have gone down every aisle twice.

But for some reason, it just wasn't as relaxing for Dashing Boy.

Why is that?

And then I was reminded that although grocery store shopping by myself is the most nicely rejuvenating, grocery shopping with Dashing Boy is the most fun.

Because he teases me by putting random things in the shopping cart like spam.

And I tease him by doing my best to honestly act like I want to buy strange bakery food. I have been doing this for years now with the same brightly tinted cake, a staple to pretty much every grocery store bakery.

"Hmmm," I say, perplexing serious-like. "Should we get orange crush or beaming cherry?"

One of these days we will probably accidentally really buy one of these things.

But first we have to get to the grocery store.


Gigi said...

i want one of those rice krispie treats like RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

candace said...

me too