Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buttercream to Soothe the Soul

My mom told me I might be really stressed once I start my new job.

My mom was right.

So yesterday, I did what I do, when such stress occurs.

I baked.

Goodness, this relaxes me. I fall into a lovely trance. And suddenly I have cupcakes and more importantly cupcake batter, which is the yummiest of all. And then I make buttercream to put on top. Italian meringue buttercream. Which seriously if you have not tried, you must, because it will change your life.

You know that frosting that leaves a film on the roof of your mouth? Well this stuff does no such thing. It's light and smooth and melts in your mouth with delicacy. Honestly, you will want to eat it right out of a bowl- cupcake optional.

Which is what I did last night. And as that luscious buttercream made its way in my mouth, dancing with and dazzling my tastebuds, I relaxed. ahhhhhh.

And then I gave the cupcakes away. Because what does one do with 24 cupcakes?


candace said...

my mom said she tried one--and they were SO delicious. when can we have a lesson on how to make the frosting??

Gigi said...

i loved your cupcakes! maybe you should de-stress this way more often!!!

Natalie said...

Oooh lalala! I was reading this post and scrolling thinking please post the recipe, please post the recipe!

Cristie said...

Really, I have to have a lesson. I know you are busy and stressed, but when you get the urge to bake and you are making these divine cupcakes again, please, please call me over and I will do all the dishes if I could please just learn how to make them!