Thursday, February 26, 2009

Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai-Chi, American Idol.

Tonight I went to the-most-exciting-night-of-the-week American Idol party at my family's house. Seriously, it is the most exciting night of my week.

Along with my wonderful family is a collection of bonus family members that make the evening quite the party: some best friend cousins, an adopted second (wait third, sorry Solo (beloved family dog)) son of my mothers who faithfully wears his American Idol t-shirt every week, and a trio of fun, beautiful, genuine girls who I look forward to seeing and chatting with every week.

I love it.

This week I've been stressed. Major stressed.

But I've been doing my best (which isn't so hot right now) to at least try to be somewhat put-together despite said stress. Thinking secretly, that only Dashing Boy and I would be in on the true state of my put-togetherness.

Tonight I walked through the door of my parents house, said hello to my family, smiled, and went to give my brother Asimov a hug.

"How are you doing?" I asked him.

"What's wrong?" he said instantly.

"What?" I said, perplexed look. "I'm ok." I said in my cheeriest voice.

Then Asimov gave me a look that said, "Jenny, you can't fool me" and then he gave me a sweet, understanding smile.

Ahhh, brothers are the best.

Thinking only Asimov (and Mom because Mom always knows) had picked up on stress Jenny, I went to get some food.

"Ok, what's going on?" My friend asked. "Are you major stressed with work? You haven't been updating your blog. Everyday I check my RSS feed and there is no simple life love!"

Seriously, it made me want to cry. Good tears.

You know when you're so overwhelmed, on the verge of losing it, but trying so hard to push that away and be ok and composed. Then someone comes up to you, gives you a sincere smile and simply says "how are you doing?" and before you know it you're in tears. Fragile emotions.

Well goodness gracious that is me this week.

Which is ok. Sometimes you just need to let yourself be emotional. Let it flow, let it go.

Then remember all your many blessings.

This week, and every: family, friends, and loving gathering nights like American Idol.

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