Monday, January 12, 2009

Gather Round

Once upon a time a girl named Jenny moved closer to her family.

She traveled across the vast wilderness.

All her possessions squeezed tightly into a giant van.

As she drove, she cried at the thought of leaving her old home. But she also daydreamed of new adventures in her new one.

She dreamed of her family. Late night conversations with Juju. Movies, dinners, and lovely bonding time with Gigi and Pops. And the opportunity to spend time with her brother, Asimov.

On moving day, Jenny's entire family was there, helping unload boxes into the new dwelling.

The date was September 5th.

On September 6th, 7th, and 8th Gigi visited Jenny.

Juju quickly followed.

As did Pops.

Jenny quickly decided she was going to make her house lovely and organized- a place of warmth for the gathering of family and friends.

She worked many hours and when the house was complete she anxiously waited for her family to come and gather and see her work.

She told them all about it at Sunday Dinner.

Pops, Juju and Gigi made visits.

Asimov did not.

Asimov said, "I've already seen your house :)"

To which Jenny replied "Yes, but I've worked so hard dear brother, please do come over to see my dwelling. Do it but out of love for your sister."

Asimov said something witty in return.

As is the nature of Sunday Dinners and brothers and sisters, Jenny has informed Asimov on many occasions about this absence of a visit. Asimov has continued to be witty.

It has now been 129 days since Asimov has visited Jenny's dwelling.

Jenny just wanted to let Asimov know that.

The End.

or possibly,

To Be Continued...


Nicole said...

Perhaps if you could find the random talent from the New Year's party he attended, the visit would be a done deal. :)

D said...

Asimov claimed recently that he was not available for comment because he did not have a google account. Asimov... you might just spend more time online than me. How is that possible? :)

Asimov said...

I love my sister so much and I'm sorry to hear that my absence has both perplexed and disappointed her.

I'll admit that things are not looking great for me, and this post is less than flattering to my character. Any single member of my family could make a compelling argument that they are a far better person than I am by utilizing the highly prestigious and widely respected time-between-apartment-visits metric. The numbers prove it!

Not so fast. Readers may be surprised to find out that the last time our heroic blogger Jenny visited my apartment was on December 23, 2007--392 days ago.

That's 263 days longer than the supposedly interminable amount of time that has passed since I helped her move hundreds of pounds and countless boxes into their assigned rooms.

I propose that we make a night of this. Jenny, you can drive to my apartment while I am on my way to yours. Upon arriving at my place you can step inside and essentially see it again for the first time. It's been so long that you've likely forgotten it entirely and this should be quite exciting for you! You will also get to experience firsthand what it's like to dwell within the vacuum of solitude that is my domicile--an existence that I've managed to make sustainable only by clinging to the distant hope of an unexpected visit by a loving female sibling.

In the meantime, I will be hanging out with your cool husband--again. Again? Yes, again. You see, he recently came over to visit me with Dad...