Friday, December 12, 2008

Vintage Cookies

Last year, just before the holidays arrived, I made a visit to my Grandpa's consignment store. I visited with my Grammy and watched my Grandpa as he stood behind his beautiful old-fashioned cash register, waiting to make a sale.

And then I spotted it. The Original Cookie & Noodle Maker. What a marvelous item this was! Box faded, recipes dotting the back. Grandpa started entering the item in the register the moment I retrieved it. Boy, did he know how to make a sale!

There is something so wonderful about baking with an item like this- old, classic, and loved-- timeless. I feel differently when I cook this way, a bit reflective. Whenever I make pies, I insist on using my hands to mix the dough- as if that step- that working of the hands- is vital to its good old fashioned taste. I believe it is.

Shortly after this purchase I was making cookies with Belle when another wonderful gem appeared, hidden behind a row of cookbooks- her dad's childhood Betty Crocker's Cooky Book- worn and very loved. It is a lovely cookbook, full of bright pictures of whimsical cookies and drawings of different cookie-making methods.

Decades later, that book received some more lovin' . And from what I hear, its being well-loved this very week. A true culinary treasure. When I moved, I was secretly quite sad that my days with this book were over. So I was thrilled when I received a package from Belle's mom complete with the Cooky Book circa 1963 via Ebay.

Today I got out both beauties for a divine day in the kitchen.

I turned to the pressed cookie section in the Cooky Book,

experimented with different designs,

made some sparkly sugar-topped treats,

and thought of my sweet Grammy and Grandpa.


Gigi said...

why didn't you think of your sweet mommy and bring her some of your cookies?

Juju said...

Okay, those look delicious, and you must teach me how to make them--especially since I am SO sophisticated in the treat department. I'm thinking a lesson is in order once I finish finals!

candace said...

i love this post!! I am the same way with some old measuring spoons from christian's Grandma June, and a an old heart-shaped cookie cutter from my Great Grandma Sperry.