Monday, December 29, 2008

Nie Tees and Latte Bowls

A few months ago I, along with he rest of the world, was introduced to Nie Nie.

I was instantly smitten with her. A mother and lover of art and pretty things, family and home-life and most importantly God and her beloved Mr. Nielson.

I read her entire blog.

I watched as my sister Juju did the same. Juju is adorable- fun, smart, beautiful-- she underestimates herself. As her sister, I have told her this many times but it is Nie Nie who has gotten the message across: Love yourself! Celebrate life! Take a picture of yourself in those new turquoise cowboy boots! Tell yourself you're beautiful-because you are!

One day Juju and I were sitting on the couch talking about boys. Juju had been "hanging out" with a boy and on this particular day was very impassioned about stating what she wanted in a boyfriend/eventual husband. "He just would never be like Mr. Nielson! Not even close! And I want that." Juju said. "No, he's no Mr. Nielson," I agreed with a smile- (this hanging out boy was not my favorite).

This Christmas morning Juju and I opened up a favorite gift- a Nie Tee for each of us. I feel so happy when I wear it.

Nie Nie has become a topic that Juju and I relate on- a wonderful role model- that has brought us even closer as sisters. She has inspired both of us. Me to look forward to one day being a mother and raising a family. To savor romantic moments with my husband- and to love and respect him even more fully. To be braver about sharing the gospel with others. To notice the beauty and joy in small things.

And isn't that what this season- this life- is all about? Nie unapologetically chose her path- one that celebrates motherhood, family, and love for her husband. One that honors Our Savior.

Today I'm going on a little shopping trip to Anthropologie to purchase some latte bowls- A gift that Juju gave me over five years ago as I made my way to college. These bowls have been very well-loved and now there are just two left- one of which has a crackline just waiting to break. I've wanted to purchase more latte bowls for quite some time now but I always talk myself out of it. There are other bowls in the kitchen.

Yet every morning I find myself searching for a latte bowl. Sometimes washing one right then just so I can use it. One day, I read about Nie Nie's beautiful latte bowl tradition -the same latte bowls from Juju! The perfect bowl for cereal, soup, or ice cream! I've really been thinking about it and I could use some more latte bowls.

And couldn't we all use a little more Nie?


Mrs. Olsen said...

We all love Nie because she lives so deliberately, and looks good while doing it.

Nicole said...

This was sweet. I think your sis is adorable in those boots. Looking forward to playing with you and fam Sunday.