Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a devotional by Sister Ann Dibb, second counselor in the Young Women General Presidency and daughter of President Monson.

It was a lovely evening.

Sister Dibb is a great speaker, well-spoken, honest, and real. I was amazed at her ability to tell stories and remember names- just like her dad.

One of my favorite stories of the night was her recounting how she first learned about the pecking order that happens in church kitchens at ward functions. (I will do my best to re-tell it.) She was at a funeral and had made funeral potatoes that were supposed to be set out along with the funeral potatoes that other women had made. Inside the kitchen she heard the pecking order. "Take Sister Johnson's out first, then Sister Smith's, Brown's, and Anderson's. Save Sister Andrew's, and Dibb's for last. That way all the little boys can eat their heaping spoonfuls of the potatoes that aren't as good and when it's our turn to eat we'll be able to eat the best ones and appreciate them!"
It was hilarious!

Sister Dibb's talk focused on gratitude and she shared a family home evening idea she used with her young adult children that focused on this topic. Each family member was to write down 5 things they would take with them if they had to quickly leave their house. These items could not be family members and had to be things they were thankful for.

In the end of course, none of these material things matter. All that matters is our relationships with God and our loved ones- and our testimonies.

But it is an excellent exercise to do and think about- what are we really grateful for? -there's so much to be grateful for. So Sister Dibb asked us to do this exercise too.

And so here it is:
The 5 Grateful Things I Would Take With Me if I Had to Quickly Leave My House.

1. Family Pictures: These are obvious. But they definitely would be the first thing I would grab (besides practical stuff like financial records, passports, etc.) I am so grateful for cameras and our ability to capture life moments and memories through pictures.

2. Quilt made by my Grandma. My grandma has arthritis, yet everyday she sits at her sewing machine creating beautiful works of art for the people she loves. Grandma is always thinking of others and sharing her amazing talents with them. I'm blessed to be one of these people. There will be a day when I no longer will be able to be the recipient of such loving, beautiful creations made by my grandma's own hands. And so I will preserve her beautiful work with the utmost gratitude and love.

3. Kitchen Aid Mixer. I received this beautiful mixer as a group gift from my ward/neighborhood wedding shower. I love it. Not just because it is my absolute favorite thing to use in the kitchen but because it came from a group of women who molded me into who I am. Strong, confident, loving, supportive women gave me this mixer. When I use it, I am filled with gratitude for their love and reminded of the women I am striving to be like.

4. Pearl Earrings. These lovely, simple earrings were given to me by Dashing Boy on our honeymoon. He had seen how much I loved wearing the heirloom family pearls I wore on our wedding day. He spotted these earrings, spur of the moment, in a jewelery store and bought them for me right then and there. That made me feel special, so when I wear them I remember that.

5. Sewing Machine. This is a new addition to my life. But goodness! am I grateful for it! My sister said sewing is becoming a lost art in our generation. Is it? I'm loving learning how to use it!

What's on your list?


D said...

Those are great ideas! I'm grateful for you! Also, I think it would be entertaining to have an emergency drill for our next family home evening and see how quickly Jenny can gather those 5 things and how she's going to carry all of them at once!

Natalie said...

hehe...this is a funny story during a sad time -- when I was getting divorced and everything was all crazy, I grabbed my kitchenaide mixer! I was not going to let my exMIL take that! I was obsessed, I don't know why. And I still probably would go after it in a fire -- too many happy memories (and frustrating ones) have happened in front of that thing as I've emerged from a girl to a woman!

Mrs. Olsen said...

1. Three year old toddler that can't run fast enough

2. Baby that totally relies on me.

Now my hands are full. So into the toddlers arms I throw

3. The binder with ALL important docs birth certificates, insurance policies, vaccine records, home inventories (thanks to my mother-in-law for organizing)

4. My oversized Book of Mormon that I pored over as a missionary, marked up and taped related articles to.

5.My 72 hour packs of food and now you've made me realize to get my 72 hours of clothes etc together.

This all depends on ability of my 7year old daughter to keep up and stay close.

D said...

ha ha! Mrs. Olsen,

you are hilarious! I guess things change a bit when you have kids... I've never heard of a 72 hour clothes kit...

candace said...

I'm going to do this. I like this post a lot. And, yes, we need to get together and laugh!!