Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Witches' Tea.

Last night I was lucky enough to join my mom and sister for A Witches' Tea- an annual event put on by some good friends who love tea parties and know how to do them in style!

These tea parties are a big deal and were a HUGE part of my childhood and growing up. All kinds of occasions were celebrated with tea parties- Valentines Day (my favorite), babies, weddings, and (my not-so-favorite when it was for me) periods. Yes. That's right. We had a tea party when somebody started their period. It was called a coming-out party and they were celebrated with all kinds of yucky, yummy things associated with entering womanhood. I was worried for years about mine before it was my turn.

Alas, that time has passed.

On to bigger things like Witches Tea. I don't know if I could ever pull off something this snazzy- I honestly felt like I had walked into a magazine spread.

Try these donuts from Beyond Glaze! It's our friends business-the one who threw the party- and they are seriously delicious.


Gretchen said...

your pictures are fabulous! those 3 witches are the most attractive i have seen! happy halloween!

Heidi the Czarina of Azerbaijan said...

That has to be without a doubt the coolest party! I wish I had been invited, I'd have flown out. What went in the pumpkin bowls? WHERE did she get all of the schnazzy decorations? Is it that decorated for all the tea parties? So awesome!

candace said...

oh wow! how fun! I tried those donuts--DELICIOUS. My favorite is their peach variety.

Jenny said...

Heidi- if you are ever in Utah during the Halloween season I will make sure you get invited to this party! The pumpkin bowls were filled with soup. I'm also flabbergasted at where she found all the decorations. Seriously every tea party is like this- it's insane!

MEvans said...

I've been wanting to start my own tea party tradition with my girls and other lovely ladies in my life. Someday I'll go all out like this, but how on earth do they afford and store all of this great stuff? (Any details or advice for my parties would be fabulous!)

Jenny said...

I know the people who throw these parties use a lot of the same stuff every year so I guess that might help with the cost- but it does look expensive! I know that because they do it every year they are able to get things on sale after Halloween is over.

They store all the stuff in their house (and they have a lot of storage space!) :(

If I were doing it, I think I'd stick to ONE reasonably sized tupperware storage box with things that fit into each other and stack well. (or I would probably try to "dress-up" my normal dishes so I wouldn't have to store (or buy)any extra dishes- maybe just a tablecloth and napkins, a few decorations)

Then I would add nice (and inexpensive!) details each year such as real pumpkins and candy corn.

Really the most fun of all is getting together and dressing up and eating yummy food!

You're girls would be so fun for a tea party. We should throw one sometime! I bet we could find a fun hodge podge collection of eclectic tea-cups to serve all occasions, at the DI!

Adrienne said...

Jenny, I hope you don't mind, but I featured your blog in my blog because I so loved your "Witches Tea" Entry. Here is the link:

Cristie said...

This party really does look fun . . . thanks for giving us a peek into this world of a very unusual and elaborate tea party! What a hostess!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

OOOoo what a splendid tea party!
love, love, love!!!
Looks like you had lots of fun ;0)
love & light
Trace oxo

Patricia said...

What a great table setting. I'm planning on having my own Witches Tea Party this year, so this gave me tons of ideas and inspiration.
I was thinking of using a cauldron and tea light candle to keep some fondue brewing, since I can't afford the beautiful pumpkins bowls shown in the picture. Here in Portland, Oregon, we also have a great doughnut shop called "Voodoo Doughnuts", where they offer a Voodoo doll doughnut. Here it only May, and the ideas are just brewing inside my head.
Thanks for the great photos!