Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We welcome the newest addtion to our family!

Let me just say, I'm thrilled. It has been years. years and years since I have had this luxury. Not that is hasn't been a blast. using coins, babysitting loads, getting hit on at the laundromat, carting my unmentionables through aisles of random strangers and hauling ridiculously large baskets of dirty clothes through snow, ice and all kinds of elements.

ok, so it hasn't been that bad. My family I nannied for graciously offered their washer and dryer for my use after hearing a few stories from the laundromat and I confess: my mom did about 20 loads for us when we first moved here.

But there is something very exciting about finally owning our own set. It feels like a milestone. 3 years of marriage and we now own a washer and dryer. That sounds nice.

My favorite part is the work surface that goes over the set.

Yep, I'm pretty excited about it. Yes mom. I just said it. I'm excited about doing my laundry.


Geoff & Cami Brown said...


nell said...

wow i hope u have fun whith all your laundry...... meanwhile i have zip luanderee to do!\

Gretchen said...

this is a milestone in your new domestic diva life!!! i remember the joy i felt when your dad and i got our first washer and dryer in nephi, utah. when we moved back to salt lake the only apt we could find was one that had no hookups and i sat in the car and cried buckets of tears. of course i was 41 weeks pregnant with you so i think that added to my emotional stability. anyway congratulations on the new additions to your home! may they bring you hours and hours of clean bliss!!