Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Me, a Stay-at-Home Wife

I read an article today on CNN.com about "stay-at-home wives." Women who don't have children but choose to stay at home while their husbands are working. Apparently it's a growing trend.

Its got me thinking. Could I be a stay-at-home wife? We have both been so busy that our house is usually in a state of disarray and lately we're in survival mode for dinners every night. With both of us working full-time and with all the other obligations that make up our week, we are definitely pressed for time to run our household smoothly.

And then I get my new King Arthur Flour catalog and I see yummy old-world artisan bread on the cover and I think "Oh how I would love to learn how to make bread like that." and I turn the page and see a spread of delicious looking doughnuts, home-baked and looking oh so comforting. I read about a woman yesterday who makes her own tissues out of cloth and reuses them and lately I'm wanting to do all those green things and make my life more self-sustainable.

But if I'm struggling to find time to wash the dishes when am I going to make doughnuts? tissues?

Maybe I'm in dreamworld imagining I could/would do all those things if I were a stay-at-home wife. But it is alluring.

As for now, I'm happily in the outside-the-home workforce. And likely the title I might one day have after stay-at-home will be mom. Regardless, I will get to making that bread.


gretchen lund said...

when you make that bread i want some! just enjoy every phase of life that you are in, because the time goes by so fast and one day you will be "hot flashes" as the memories rush by! in all times of life it is important to be a "stay at HAPPY person!"

gretchen lund said...

whoops i meant to say you will be having "hot flashes" as the memories rush by! is there a way to edit comments after they have been posted?

candace said...

i love the apron!! Today I was just thinking about all of the things I'm gonna do when I'm a stay at home person (whether mom or wife...don' matter to me). but I'm sure just like anything, it will get tedious, repetitive, and draining...I hope not, though! I'd like to believe that fresh baked bread warm and delicious out of the oven, or my crying baby will be more rewarding and energizing than any paycheck I bring home.

Brooke said...

I tell Marques all the time that I would love to be a stay at home WIFE... too bad that will never happen.