Monday, May 26, 2008

Blogging: I love it, I love it not

Ok, well it's been quite a long time since I last posted.... I'm not very consistent with this whole blogging thing. You see, I want to be and I don't want to be at the same time. Part of me thinks blogging is amazing- it connects me to so many people that in normal life I wouldn't have opportunities to connect with-and I love that. It keeps me in touch with friends and family. It helps me celebrate the life I'm living and the choices I'm making. It records life events and provides a space for preservation. When I blog I feel like I am part of a community. I feel a sense of warmth, acceptance, and happiness when old friends and others take the time to comment on my little post. And I feel the same when I comment on theirs. But there is this other part of me that hates blogging- that is even repulsed by it sometimes.

You know at Christmastime when suddenly all the holiday cards come piling in- complete with newsletters and updates on everyones achievements and great events of the year- and they are wonderful and obnoxious at the same time- and you gleefully, juicily, read them all and soak them in. It's a great tradition really, I enjoy it- but it happens once a year. With blogging, sometimes it can feel like holiday newsletters-- all. year. long. It's not that I don't love reading about what everyone is doing and sharing what I'm doing with others- but I have a hard time sometimes with the happy holiday card aspect of it.

I'm not cynical, in fact, I believe I'm very much an optimist. But I'm also a human, and thus I am susceptible to, at times, comparing myself and holding myself up to unrealistic standards. For years and years I have avoided reading women's and gossip magazines- maybe the occasional Oprah- but Cosmo, US Weekly and the like- no way. As I see it, why even go there? It's not real and it's definitely not going to get me any closer to living a healthy, balanced life.

In a way blog hopping, stalking, whatever you want to call it is like reading gossip magazines- only this time it's real- these are real people that I know- these are their real lives (albeit their polished ones). Generally, everything is cheery, everyone is doing amazing things, and somehow through viewing it all I start to feel like my life doesn't quite hold up in comparison.

Because day to day life for me is not glossed up and happy holiday blog-worthy... my life is, well, normal. And who wants to share that stuff? In a way, I'm almost more put-off by those who do- those who share-overshare- in borderline disrespectful ways- too many details about themselves and others. There are just some things that are private, moments that belong only to those who were there and I have too much respect for myself, my husband, and my family and friends to be that kind of a blogger.

So I guess I don't know where I will go from here. I'll probably blog the same as I have been, maybe I'll change it up a little bit. But just for the record, when those inevitable picture perfect posts creep up I'm Jenny: normal girl.


Adrienne said...

Jenny, I completely know what you mean. Blogging is an outlet but...well, one also has to be careful.

A blog should not be a diary. I don't want to know every little detail about everybody and I don't want to post that kind of stuff about myself online.

And it can be monotonous. Nobody wants to be boring.

I, like you, consider myself to be "the normal girl." My life isn't always full of adventure or thrills. I don't know what to post about half the time but I like having a forum where I can talk to the world and contribute something.

And I feel at times if I don't post something people won't keep reading and then I'll have to start all over again with the "have you read my blog? I have a new post!" And that is not fun. It feels sort of like asking people to buy a vacuum. Yuck.

Anyway, good luck with the blog, wherever it takes you. I enjoy reading it!

Natalie said...

This post made me miss you. You're awesome so-real personality -- and our never-ending conversations about "boob pockets" -- remember that!?

Blogging is a weird flow...personal to everyone!

Jenny said...

ha ha! Oh the boob pockets! I forgot about that- not the boob pockets that is- they're a little hard to forget about.

brooke said...

Amen... I completely agree about all the blog PDA

Marques said...

HERE, HERE!!! Great post!

romney & ashley said...

Hi Jenny and Dallas. It's Romney. We are glad Katharine told us about your blog. Even though I understand about the whole picture perfect thing, I agree that it is better to hear a little from the ones we love than to hear nothing. We also have a blog at and you are welcome to go there. Also, tell Josh hi for us and let him know about our blog, if you could. Thanks

Russell & Heidi said...

That's a good point. Though all of the blogs I look at are mostly like mine, almost all pictures with a comment here and there (a way to let family see how your little ones are growing even though they live far away). I hope I don't fall into the obnoxious blogger category =0), though perhaps seeing nothing but pictures of children can grow tedious. If only my life consisted of more than that! You just keep posting what YOU want to post, and hopefully you'll find a nice balance in the cyberspace world. I know I really look forward to reading your new posts because we miss you guys and don't keep up contact as well as we should.

Jenny said...

Heidi, you definitely don't fall in that category! I love reading and looking at your posts. They are real. And hilarious! I especially love your stories. No, your blog makes me excited to have kids one day I love keeping up with you guys on it. and we miss you too1 :(

Candace said...

hey! I see where you're coming from on this. I'm picking the flower petals, too, about blogging. I also loved your cooking class comments. I had a similar experience with food. It does seem quite strange. I cooked cornish game hens for the first time this week. Incredible presentation--but totally way too weird to eat. Christian enjoyed them, though.